Prime Minister inspects the ongoing comprehensive overhaul of the Baniyas Refinery

Damascus, SANA_ Prime Minister Hussein Arnous on Friday inspected the ongoing comprehensive overhaul (comprehensive maintenance operations) at the Banias Refinery.

Arnous was briefed on the progress of the maintenance works in the various departments of the refinery and heard from technicians, specialists and workers about the mechanism of work and the efforts made by the refinery cadres to speed up its return to work.

He affirmed that with the efforts of our workers and our national competencies, we are able to secure all the requirements of work and production to get companies and establishments back to operate and to secure the basic needs of our people.

The Premier praised the efforts of workers and technicians to complete the refinery’s overhaul, indicating that all possible support was provided to finish the work on time.

Earlier, Arnous chaired a meeting at the Refinery headquarters, during which he stressed the need to make all possible efforts and put the human energies and resources necessary to complete the overhaul on time.

The comprehensive overhaul of the Baniyas Refinery is scheduled to be fully completed within the next few days.

For the second week in a row, the maintenance operations of the Refinery continue, as more than 50% of the faults have been completed within the facility.

The refinery had been out of service at the beginning of this month of September in preparation for subjecting it to a comprehensive overhaul.



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