Continuous efforts to integrate people with disabilities

Damascus, SANA – The Syrian government has been keen on getting the disabled engaged in society, having taken many steps that would activate their role in different life spheres through its centers and institutes and its cooperation with NGOs.

Ministry of Social Affairs has been working recently on amending law no. 34 for 2004 on the disabled to become a basis for a national legislation that is compatible with international laws and agreements as a step towards integrating the disabled in the society and providing them with all services.

Taking into account the burden incurred by the families of people with disabilities given the high costs of care and rehabilitation, the government allocated SYP 450 million to families with members suffering from cerebral palsy in 2014, according to Rania Shqeir, Head of the Disabled Department at the Ministry.

The NGOs have also played a pivotal role in improving the living conditions of the disabled, providing them with the necessary treatment and rehabilitation services. Syrian Aamal (Hopes) Organization is one of them.

The Organization works on integrating the disabled in the society through its centers focusing on hearing impairments and disorders of speech and language, as it also provide test services for nearly 2000 cases annually.

Aamal’s activities include mainly adjusting the behavior of people with disabilities, developing their intellectual skills and providing early intervention services.

The Autism Center, which is supervised by education experts, psychiatrists and neurologists, provides many diagnosis, evaluation and qualification services to children, besides educational services and others targeting families on ways of dealing with children suffering from autism.

Efforts of the government and NGOs fall within the scope of helping the disabled enjoy full human rights and perform their social and economic role in the framework of their families and society in a way that contributes to a further understanding of the matter of disability.

Solving problems resulting from disability requires efforts that help people with disability and their families access programs and qualification services that commensurate with the type of disability upon detection, in addition to working on changing the stereotypical image in the society towards them.

Rasha Milhem/Haifa Said

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