Schools staff and students stage sit-in in protest against QSD militia takeover their schools in Hasaka  

Hasaka, SANA- Schools administrational cadres, teachers and students on Thursday staged a sit-in in front of Hasakah Education Directorate in protest against the US occupation-backed QSD militia practices, takeover of schools and preventing thousands of students from education.

With the start of the new academic year last Sunday, the US occupation-backed QSD militia attacked and beat the educational cadres and students of Martyr Hanna Atallah High School for the Outstanding Students in the city of Hasakah during their sit-in in front of the school in protest against the militia takeover of the school and prevent them from entering their classes.

The protesters raised banners calling the militia to leave the schools and to allow the students to complete their educational attainment, asserting that the takeover of the schools by the militia gunmen as a “Zionist-American scheme.”

They stressed that the sit-in aims at uncovering QSD militia’s practices which seeks to impose ignorance, backwardness and Illiteracy, and to deprive thousands of children and youth from learning and seize their schools by force.

The families of the students expressed determination to send their children to the governmental schools which adopts the national curricula to continue their educational attainment.

Hala Zain

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