Velayati calls on foreign forces illegitimately presented in Syrian territories to leave them

Tehran, SANA- Adviser of the leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran to international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati stressed the necessity that all the foreign forces presented illegitimately on the Syrian territories to leave them and to eradicate terrorism in Syria and to work on preserving its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Velayati asserted, in a meeting with Syrian ambassador in Tehran, Dr. Adnan Mahmoud,  on Saturday the need to end the US occupation of the Syrian territories and stop looting  the Syrian oil and national resources which constitutes  a flagrant violation of the international law, the UN Charter and the principle of the national sovereignty.

He pointed out to the importance of boosting the Syrian-Iranian economic cooperation with the friendly countries to face the unfair blockade and the Western-American economic terrorism.

For his part, ambassador Mahmoud affirmed the need that Syria and Iran along with their allies and friendly countries to move in tangible steps to overstep the repercussions of economic terrorism practiced against them and establish joint investments which serve the interests of the two friendly countries and peoples in implementation of the signed agreements.

Bushra Dabin/ Hala Zain

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