President al-Assad: Palestinian cause most affected by ongoing events

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad received Monday members of the general secretariat of the Union of Palestinian Communities in Europe who wrapped up a recent conference in Damascus.

The secretariat’s chairman Dr. Radi al-Shoaibi led the delegation.

President al-Assad stressed during the meeting that the secretariat choosing Damascus to hold the conference in despite circumstances in Syria and the region carries significant implications, especially the Palestinians’ appreciation for Syria’s key role in championing the Palestinian cause.

It also signifies, added the President, that the Syrian people remain committed to supporting the Palestinian people whatever the challenges as “the Palestinian cause is the most affected by the events unfolding on the Arab arena.”

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Palestinian communities in Europe have a pivotal role in explaining Arab causes and the dangers posed by Western policies in the region and the world, the President said, affirming Syria’s support for these unions and gatherings that reflect the pulse of Palestinian and Arab peoples.

The secretariat’s members thanked Syria for its support for the Palestinian people, vowing to remain faithful to Syria that has made great sacrifices in support of their cause.

The war against the Syrian people is due to their national and pan-Arab stances, they added.

The General Union of Palestinian Communities in Europe on Sunday wrapped up the 3rd general conference in Damascus with a closing statement pledging unlimited support for the Syrian people, army and leader.

The statement expressed utter rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.

Manal Ismael

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