Syria wins over Armenia in the opening match of the World Schools Debates’ Championships

Damascus, SANA- The Syrian team won over Arminian counterpart in the opening match of the World Schools Debates Championships (WSDC) organized by Mexico remotely for the students of secondary schools which will last till July 24th with a participation of more than 65 states.

In a statement to SANA, Director of the Syrian Science Olympiad, Nubough Yassin, said that the English language debates continue for the second day, as the first round includes six one-hour matches ,and that the team has to win four matches at least to qualify to the second round and to reach the final debate.

Yassin pointed out that the Syrian team doesn’t know the identity of the counterpart team facing it except one hour before the match appointment, adding that the same thing happens to setting the controversial sentence around which the match would run.

The Syrian team consists of students Ibrahim al-Qseir, Karla Armoush, Naya Kayali, Yasmin Hatem and Elma Meidani, in addition to the coach Yahya Samoun.

Last year, Syria participated in WSDC held in Thailand, during which Syrian team member, Ibrahim Qseir, succeeded to be one of the best five speakers among the newly participated states.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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