From human organs’ trafficking to the marriage of underage girls, Turkish regime invests in the Syrian displaced tragedies

Damascus, SANA- Starting from supporting terrorism in Syria, Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, went far away to exploit the tragedy of the displaced Syrians and turn them into a pressure card that blackmails Europe to achieve his interests.

Erdogan also investments the black criminal networks that seek to traffic in the human organs, the displaced Syrians face new aspects in their tragedy in Turkey, including marriage of underage girls from Turkish men.

Human rights’ organizations warned against exploiting the financial need of Syrian minors in Turkey to pressure them and marry them to Turkish men, as the network of ECPAT organizations concerned in issues of exploitation of girls issued a new report, published by the British Newspaper “the Independent”, in which it highlighted the phenomenon of the Syrian refugees in Turkey marrying their underage girls to Turkish men in exchange for obtaining what meets their basic needs, describing this phenomenon as an “economic adaptation mechanism” for the displaced Syrian families whose roads were narrowed after leaving Syria due to terrorism and they are no longer have another way to earn money or afford food costs for their children.

The report also referred to the physical and sexual exploitation operations that the Syrian displaced people in Turkey are exposed to, in general, and the underage girls in particular.

A lot of the displaced Syrians in Turkey have fallen victims to the widespread human organ trafficking networks, as the American (CBS) channel broadcast a video and report last May on this file under the title (Selling organs to survive) in which the testimonies of Syrians, who were subjected to the fraud and swindle operations, were showed.

Nisreen Othman/Mazen Eyon

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