Governmental team: Strictness in applying health requirements and spatial distancing

Damascus, SANA- The governmental team tasked with confronting the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has conducted a thorough review and evaluation of the recent Coronavirus cases and recoveries, as well as the Health Ministry’s efforts to identify and isolate the people that had been in contact with infected patients.

During a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, the team called upon the community and local councils to cooperate with the authorities for applying the precautionary measures in markets and economic activities, as well as revealing any cases of illegal entry from abroad.

Health Minister Nizar Yazigi gave a presentation about the recent cases and the procedures of Ministry to identify the people who were in contact with the infected individuals with the aim of preventing from spread of the virus.

The team called for strictness in applying the health requirements and safe distancing, and organizing the methods of providing services in every state establishment to prevent crowding and direct contact among people.

The team also affirmed the essential role of citizens in preventing the spread of the virus through commitment to precautionary procedures.

The team emphasized the necessity of maintaining inspection rounds in markets in order to ensure the commitment of shops to health safety measures, in addition to continue carrying out awareness campaign via mass media.

Hybah Sleman/Hazem Sabbagh

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