Conference on reconstruction focuses on priorities and standards of reconstruction process

Damascus, SANA- The first day of the conference on reconstruction, being held in Damascus, focused on the priorities of reconstruction in the coming stage and the standards of monitoring the efforts exerted in this domain in the areas affected by terrorism.

Finding new ways and solutions to link scientific research institutions with society, and passing new legislations that would allow the related bodies to apply scientific research on the ground were on the table.

Coordination among research institutions and centers was also discussed, in addition to proposing comprehensive projects that focus on specific domains of reconstruction.

Participants in the first day of the conference called for reducing difference between theoretical and practical scientific research, and handling obstacles facing the agricultural lands to change their experiments into real investments in agricultural domain.

They also demanded the establishment of a major joint stock company in which any citizen can participate to be a basis for establishing small and medium-sized enterprises in several Syrian cities to attract economic institutions and workforce needed in the reconstruction process.

Director-General of the Higher Commission for Scientific Research Dr. Ghasaan Assi shed light on the necessity of documenting all required data in all fields of reconstruction, and setting up a national strategy for construction and development.

Vice-rector of Damascus University for Scientific Research and Higher Studies Affairs, Dr.Jamal Abbas called for launching annual wide-scale workshops that would focus on linking the university to the society.

For his part, Dean of Administrative Sciences Faculty at Sham Private University Abed Fadliyeh stressed the importance of linking scientific research institutions with the work of the Ministry of Administrative Development to allow human cadres to play an active role in the reconstruction.

On Tuesday, the two-day conference will continue its activities through discussing a number of issues, on top of which human capacity building and the social and cultural development.
Some 20 public and private research and scientific bodies are participating in the conference.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri / Ghossoun

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