Health Ministry: Government takes a set of measures to support pharmaceutical industry

Damascus, SANA- Health Ministry said on Tuesday that the government has adopted a group of measures to support the pharmaceutical industry, mainly to cancel the import bank deposit supply reaching to 40% of the value of imports.

Other measure taken by the government is to fix the customs’ duties of the materials and supplies of the pharmaceutical duties on the formal exchange price of SYP /438/ for each $1 in addition to decreasing the transfer commissions of the imports value by the foreign currency at a rate of 5 % which gives the industrialists advantage of competitive prices.

The Ministry added in an statement about the pharmaceutical industries that it supports the continuation of permitting to the factories to export their medicines after achieving sufficiency at local markets.

It pointed out to the difficulties, challenges and destruction resulted by the aggression on Syria in addition to the unilateral coercive illegal measures on the health sector in all its various sides of hospitals, medical centers and pharmaceutical industry.

To put an end to the difficulties facing the producers, the Ministry noted that the government has taken a set of measures to support the medicine sector and supply the missing kinds of medicines to achieve the medicinal and health security, one of them, financing the imports and requirements of the pharmaceutical industries.

Baraa Ali/Mazen Eyon

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