Plane carrying Syrians stranded abroad arrives at Damascus Int’l Airport from Egypt

Damascus, SANA- A plane of the Syrian Airlines carrying 232 Syrian citizens stranded abroad landed at Damascus International Airport on Thursday coming from Cairo Airport in Egypt in implementation of the decisions of the government team tasked with confronting the Coronavirus.

Transport Ministry said that the plane which came from Cairo Airport to Damascus International Airport, was carrying 218 passengers and 14 infants.

For her part, Director of Damascus Health, Hazar Raef said that the passengers will undergo a 14-day quarantine at health quarantine centers in Damascus International Airport’s hotel and complex no.20 of the University City of Bassel al-Assad in Damascus to verify that all returnees are not infected with the coronavirus.

Before the plane take off, Chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic to Egypt Dr. Bassam Darwish told SANA reporter that the flight comes to transport the first batch of Syrian citizens stranded abroad willing to return to homeland, adding that the Syrian government is working hard to look after the interests of the Syrians abroad and overcome obstacles hindering their safe return to Syria.


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