Syrian sculpture able to continue and develop despite all difficult circumstances

Lattakia, SANA_ Sculptor Yasser Sbeeh , coexists with various materials in great harmony to produce vibrant sculpture works , using expressive methods including realism and abstraction.

As an art, sculpture has the ability to evolve and change and over the centuries has moved from classic to abstract.

In recent years Syrian sculpture has become a much more prominent art form, thanks to a number of works by sculptors, who have moved beyond using stone, wood, marble and bronze.

The sculptor Sbeeh told SANA that his relationship with sculpture art is very important as it is based on passion, theoretical and experimental research in addition to adopting scientific and engineering bases to carry out his sculpture works.

Concerning the diversity of the materials, which Sbeeh uses in his sculpture works, he pointed out that the sculptor in general must be concerned with all the materials surrounding him and enjoys the ability to deal with the available resources of nature.

The condition of Syrian sculpture has been embodied, according to Sbeeh, through individual experiences, especially during the nine-year brutal war on Syria, which had negative repercussions on sculpturing, exhibitions and artistic forums like all other domains of life.

He affirmed that the Syrian sculpture continues through the experiences of artists and constitutes a continuation of the Syrian deep-rooted civilization.

Sbeeh expressed his confidence in the ability of the Syrian sculptors to continue and develop the Syrian sculpture despite all the difficult circumstances and obstacles that impede them.

Sculptor Yasser Sbeeh, was born in Lattakia in 1965.  He is a member of the Syrian Plastic Artists’ Union and participated in a number of collective art exhibitions.


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