“Creators for peace, love and beauty” …art exhibition via the Internet

Tartous, SANA_ Under the title “Creators for peace, love and beauty”, Tartous branch of plastic Artists’ Union recently launched preparations for holding an art exhibition via the Internet with the participation of a hundred artists from Syria and the Arab countries.

Head of Tartous branch of plastic Artists’ Union Suleiman Ahmed underlined that the initiative comes in the light of the current circumstances that required adopting precautionary measures to tackle the Coronavirus and stop artistic activities.

“The key role of plastic artists in society is the main reason of holding this exhibition which provides an opportunity for artists to communicate and exchanged different artistic styles,” Ahmad told SANA reporter.

The artistic works of the plastic artists participating in the exhibition will be posted in a video through the social media websites.

Ahmed referred to the diversity of topics presented by the plastic artists as some of them displayed drawings on   raising awareness about Coronavirus and recalling the beautiful nature.

Other topics were inspired by the environment and the region in which each plastic artist lives.

“Creators for Peace, Love and Beauty” is the title chosen by the artist Ahmed for the exhibition because it expresses, according to him, the true message of the artist in spreading love, peace and life.

He stressed the importance of holding such exhibitions in supporting the artistic sense of artists and exchanging new views on different artistic styles and schools.

Ahmed said that there has been an enthusiastic interaction within the exhibition by plastic artists, especially by Syrian ones.

From Tartous plastic artists Mays Mustaf participates in an oil painting on thick paper in an impressionistic style that shows nostalgia for the rural nature in the light of the quarantine period.

In turn, the plastic artist Ali Bahaa Moalla participates in a painting showing a marble statue of a mother of three martyrs.

Launching the exhibition via internet confirms the artists’ determination to deliver their message, whatever the circumstances are.


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