Bakeries’ workers continue efforts amid full commitment to precautionary measures

Aleppo, Tartous, SANA_ Bakeries’ workers in Aleppo and Tartous governorates continue their efforts to meet the citizens’ needs of bread, while fully committing to the measures taken to confront the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

In Aleppo, Director of branch of the Syrian Establishment for Bakeries, Jihad al-Samman, explained in a statement to SANA that the number of the operating bakeries belonging to the Establishment is 23, 11 of which are located in the city and the rest on the outskirts, and contain 30 production lines, each with a capacity of 12 tons.

He noted to the measures taken to fight Coronavirus in bakeries that include disinfecting and cleaning bakeries daily as well as the use of gloves and masks by workers.

In the coastal city of Tartous, Director of the Establishment branch, Salem Nasser, noted that all the bakeries in the governorate are operating at full capacity and 24 hours a day with full commitment to the precautionary measures taken.



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