Turkish occupation establishes new military posts in Hasaka, transfers amounts of stolen wheat to Tal Abyad, Raqqa countryside

Hasaka, Raqqa, SANA- Turkish occupation forces continued their violations of the international law and their aggression on the Syrian territories through establishing more new military posts and enhancing their positions which they have occupied in Hasaka countryside in parallel with looting large amounts of wheat that have been stored in Raqqa northern countryside.

Civil sources said that the Turkish occupation forces have equipped a large military post to the south of the occupied Ras al-Ayn city in Hasaka northern countryside and supplied it with military vehicles, as well as they have fortified, in cooperation with their mercenaries of terrorist organizations, the positions which they have occupied in the villages locating between Tal Tamer and Abu Rasin towns.

The sources pointed out that the Turkish occupation forces seized and equipped a land with an area of 15 donums to the east of the entrance of the occupied city of Ras al-Ayn.

In a relevant context, the civil sources indicated that the Turkish occupation forces transfered the remnants of the stolen wheat stored in al-Safah silos into Tal Abyad city in Raqqa northern countryside.
Hala Zain

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