The army foils a fierce attack by terrorists on al-Nayrab town, kills and injures tens of them

Idleb, SANA-Units of the Syrian Arab army confronted on Thursday a fierce attack by terrorist organizations from many directions on al-Nayrab town to the west of Saraqeb in Idelb eastern countryside, killing and injuring tens of the terrorists and destroying their armored vehicles.

SANA reporter said that according to the field facts, the terrorist organizations, on top of them Jabhat al-Nusra, supported by Turkish regime forces, launched an attack, from many axes, on al-Nayrab town, using high fire density, Turkish-made armored vehicles and rocket launchers.

The army responded to the attack with delicate tactical operations that killed and injured scores of the terrorists, destroyed a number of tanks and armored vehicles, some of them of Turkish-made.

The reporter added that al-Nayrab town is under the Syrian army’s grip, and the army confronted a series of attacks.

He affirmed that the Turkish regime’s tools of terrorist groups resorted to a media misleading campaign and untrue news to cover the failure of their attack on al-Nayrab town in Idelb countryside.


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