Syria deplores Erdogan’s insistence on continuing to lie, mislead and evade regarding his acts in Syria

Damascus, SANA- Syrian Arab Republic deplored the insistence of President of the Turkish Regime on continuing to lie and mislead regarding his acts in Syria, affirming that his statements on Adana Agreement reemphasis his disrespect of any obligation or agreement whether in framework of Astana or Sochi understandings.

“The Syrian Arab Republic deplores the insistence of the Turkish regime’s president Erdogan on continuing the lying and misleading regarding his acts in Syria, particularly his claim with regard to the entrance of his forces to northern Aleppo according to Adana Agreement on Combating Terrorism,” An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Wednesday told SANA.

The source added that in this regard, Syria affirms that Adana Agreement imposes coordination with the Syrian Government as it is considered as an agreement between two states, and thereby, Erdogan can’t act unilaterally according to the obligations of this agreement.

The source went on saying that Adana Agreement for guaranteeing the safety of the borders between the two countries actually aims to combat terrorism, but what Erdogan is doing is to protect his tools of terrorist groups to which he has provided all types of support and which have been collapsing, while the Syrian Arab Army has been advancing, and the Erdogan’s project in Syria has been also collapsing with them.

The source concluded by saying that the statements made by President of the Turkish regime affirm again the approach of lying, misleading and evasion which governs his policies and his disrespect of any commitment or agreement whether in framework of Astana or Sochi understandings or the obligations of Adana Agreement, indicating that this denial makes the Turkish regime and its president lose the minimum credibility and the dismal failure will be the inevitable fate of his hostile policies.

H. Zain/ R. al-Jazaeri

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