“Paritta” brings together nine artists in exhibition of creation and creativity

Damascus, SANA_ “Paritta” in Aramaic means creation and creativity, and this word brought together nine plastic artists in one exhibition and one word which is art and creativity.

The exhibition recently held by “Alef Noon” Gallery for Art with the participation of many artists combines drawing, sculpture, graphics, and artworks with different materials to highlight one value: love and human being.

Artists Bashir Badawi, Jan Hanna, Jumah Nizhan, Fartikis Barsoumian, Shadia Daaboul , Ghassan Akl, Nimat Badawi, Noha Jabara and Nour al-Zayla’a. participated in the exhibition.

Artist Badi Jahjah, the owner of “Alef Noon” Gallery, clarified that the exhibition includes a group of artists, including three women, presented various works which are   an extension of our Aramaic culture.

He pointed out that these works differed from one artist to another, as they have a symbolic, expressive, and graphic structure.

The sculpture works varied between wood, marble and bronze; this indicates that the Syrian artists consider art as a human collective situation in addition to its relationship with intellectual principles because it expresses reality, dream and hope.

Shadia Daaboul participated in three bronze sculptures, in which she expressed realistic human situations, noting the importance of working in bronze, which is a beautiful, warm material and enables us to express our inner feelings.

Bashir Badawi, explained that he participated in two oil paintings that talk about the female and show the personal human features.

NooraAl-Zayla’a participated in a wooden sculpture work for a pregnant woman, as an expression of birth and creation, in addition to a work of stone which is a portrait of a woman’s face as in the case of meditation.


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