Turkish occupation mercenaries flee from areas in Hasaka and Raqqa countryside for fear of being sent to fight in Libya

Hasaka, SANA – Areas where terrorist mercenaries of the Turkish occupation are positioned in Hasaka and Raqqa countryside are witnessing the flight of tens of those terrorists for fear that Erdogan’s regime will send them to fight in Libya in a similar scenario to the one followed by Erdogan when he transported thousands of terrorists to Syria.

Local source said that Turkish occupation forces increased its presence in the countryside between Ras al-Ayn and Tal Abiyad cities to fill the vacuum created by the flight of tens of its mercenary terrorists for fear of being sent to fight in Libya.

The sources said there is a state of panic among the terrorists working under the command of the Turkish occupation after receiving news of the Turkish regime’s intention to recruit a number of them to fight in the ranks of Turkish-backed groups on Libyan territory to compensate for the losses inflicted upon those groups there.

Bloomberg had reported earlier that an official from the Turkish regime and another one from al-Wefaq government in Libya revealed that a number of Erdogan’s mercenaries in Syria will be sent to Libya, while Zaman newspaper said that Erdogan is trying to impose his control either by establishing military bases in Qatar and Somalia or direct intervention in Syria, Libya, and Sudan.

Shaza/Hazem Sabbagh

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