Christmas carnival roams Damascus streets spreading joy and festive mood

Damascus, SANA- Under the title “Syria, Miladek Salam (Syria,Your Birth is Peace) the Christmas carnival was organized in Damascus streets on Saturday night starting from Sayedat al-Neyah Cathedral.

The participants in the carnival toured the roads of Damascus, passing through Bab Touma Square and al-Qasaa to al-Abassyeen square spreading joy, happiness and festive mood.

The carnival included hand-made figures of Christmas symbols, “The Grotto, Snowman Santa Claus” and icons about Jesus and Christmas songs and chants hailing the occasion.

It is held for the second year in a row to convey a message to the whole world that Syria is the cradle of peace.

It is a message of loyalty and a token of love to the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army who sacrificed their blood and lives for the life to continue in Syria.

The carnival is an evidence on life, continuity and steadfastness as all the spectrum of the Syrian society celebrate Syria’s birth again.


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