U.S. troops transport hundreds of Daesh families from al-Houl Camp to Iraq

Hasaka, SANA- The American occupation forces have continued to transport hundreds of the families of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization from al-Houl camp in Hasaka province to Iraq.

SANA’s reporter said that the U.S. troops on Wednesday transported more than 600 children and women from the families of Daesh terrorists from al-Houl camp in Hasaka countryside to Iraq.

The reporter added that 5 military vehicles (Humvee) and about 30 soldiers affiliated to the U.S. occupation forces entered from Iraq to Hasaka Province as they positioned in the illegitimate airport of Khrab al-Jeer.

In a relevant context, a convoy of Turkish military vehicles entered into the roundabout of Mraikiz village in Hasaka northern countryside, coming from Ras al-Ayn city.

The reporter pointed out that the convoy, which includes 3 tanks, 5 military Jeep vehicles, 4 troop carriers and 4 armored vehicles, headed south towards the villages of al-Dawodiya, Tal Mohammad and Aneeq al-Hawa.

According to local sources, the Turkish occupation’s forces and its mercenaries have transformed many schools, public facilities, and cultural centers in the villages which they have occupied into military positions for them.

In parallel, the Turkish occupation forces and mercenaries continued their practices which aim to create a demographic change in the region through emptying it of its locals by means of force and putting terrorists and their families in it.

H. Zain/ R. al-Jazaeri

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