600 facilities resume production in Sheikh Najjar industrial city

Aleppo, SANA- Investment in Sheikh Najjar industrial city at Aleppo has been growing steadily with the availability of necessary requirements for the industry, including infrastructure services and facilitations granted for reconstructing facilities which were considerably damaged due to terrorism.

600 facilities have resumed production in Sheikh Najjar Industrial City, including 300 textile and 150 engineering facilities.

The other facilities are distributed between the chemical and food industries, according to Director of the city Hazem Ajjan.

125   construction permits were granted this year, and a number of facilities damaged or destroyed were restored and rehabilitated, Ajjan noted.

He added that about 200 facilities are expected to enter production over the coming period after completing building, or restoring the factories.

Ajjan affirmed that 65 facilities have entered production since the beginning of the current year, covering textile, engineering, food, and chemical industries in order to provide the local market with necessary needs due to the lack of products resulted from unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria.

The work is underway to establish the first handicraft area of 500 divisions where 90 percent of its engineering studies have been completed.

SANA’s camera toured a number of factories specialized in textile, engineering, metal, and food industries and documented the work there.

Shaza/ Gh.A.Hassoun

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