1 MW solar power plant put into service in Hama province

Hama, SANA- In framework of the new steps taken for investing renewable energies, the largest solar power plant was put into service in Hama province with a capacity of 1 MW.

The plant is considered the largest of its kind on the level of the province, and it constitutes a substitute for the public electricity network which came as the fruit of partnership and cooperation between the public and private sectors, and it will be invested for the benefit of the electrical system in the province for 25 years.

Dr. Younus Ali, Director of the National Center for Energy Research and Chairman of the committee in charge of supervising the linking of renewable energy projects with networks told SANA’s reporter that the project is in line with the Ministry of Electricity’s plans to encourage private sector investors to contribute to the generation of energy using renewable powers.

He pointed out to the role of the plant in providing large quantities of traditional fossil fuels, especially that it annual production of electricity reaches up to 1.8 million watt-hours (Wh) which provide more than 450 tons of fuel.

Dr. Ali explained that the station has been connected to the public network two days ago to ensure that its production of electricity is injected into the network and the electrical system as an additional support.

He pointed out that the connection was technically based on cables, circuit breakers, transformers, counting systems and other equipment to ensure that the electricity produced meets the approved specifications and standards.

Dr. Bassam al-Darwish, Director of Regulation of the Electricity and Investment Sector at the Ministry of Electricity, said that the renewable energy projects currently being licensed and implemented enhance the partnership between the public and private sectors due to their high economic and investment feasibility, as well as being eco-friendly, unlike traditional electricity-producing plants that usually result in harmful gas emissions.

Head of the Department of Energy Conservation in Hama Electricity Company Eng. Mukhlef al-Hassan said that investment in renewable energy achieves self-sufficiency in electricity and reduces reliance on the public electrical network.

He noted that the plant contributes to the production of electricity, and to reducing the loss and the percentage of energy losses because the plant is located at points close to consumption.

In turn, Ghassan Khalif, owner and investor of the plant, pointed out that it is the largest renewable power plant in Hama, noting that the plant was built east of the industrial zone in the province, and it extends over an area of 20 dunums and took four months to be implemented as it has thousands of solar panels and it serves the entire province of Hama.

It is noteworthy that there are 3 solar power plants licensed and they are under construction in the province of Hama, each with a capacity of 1 megawatt 1000 kWh and they are expected to be completed and put into service during the next year.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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