Army deploys forces in 11 new villages on Hasaka-Aleppo international highway

Hasaka, SANA- The Syrian Arab Army expanded deployment in Hasaka countryside as army units entered a number of new villages in the direction of Hasaka-Aleppo International Highway, and reached the outskirts of Raqqa province in parallel with the movement of other units to complete their deployment in the northern countryside of the province based on their national duty to defend and protect Syria and its people.

SANA’s reporter said that army units on Tuesday entered the villages of al-Kozaleya, Shwaish, al-Nufaliyeh, al-Mahal, al-Badran, al-Hizam, Kahfet al-Marati and al-Dubaib, al-Alqaneh, Um al-Laban and al-Wasita in Hasaka northern countryside amid the welcome of the locals.

The reporter noted that the deployment process covered an area of 60 km in the direction of Hasaka-Aleppo international highway, west of Tal Tamer reaching the outskirts of the administrational borders between Hasaka and Raqqa provinces.

A soldier of the Syrian Arab Army told SANA that army units  moved from Tal Tamer side and on Hasaka-Aleppo International Highway, asserting that these army units will continue their advance till they meet with other army units which are coming from Raqqa province.

The soldier stressed that the army works on securing the international highway in the face of the Turkish aggression and to protect the locals.

The  locals who welcomed the army units expressed comfort over the entry of army units to their areas, villages and towns .

H. Zain/ R. al-Jazaeri


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