Protests in Hasaka and Qamishli condemning Turkish aggression on Syrian territories

Hasaka, SANA_ Civil, social and religious activities on Friday gathered in Hasaka and Qamishli cities to express condemnation of the Turkish aggression on Syria territory .

The protestors denounced Erdogan’s criminal plans against the people and bombing residential neighborhoods that resulted in claiming the lives of civilians and injuring dozens.

The participants affirmed that the Turkish regime has been supporting takfiri terrorism since the beginning of the terrorist war on Syria and directly participating in the shedding of Syrian blood.

” The Turkish regime’s offensive today is an attempt to impose its expansionist schemes  after the failure of its terrorist tools, which were defeated by the Syrian Arab Army, to achieve them,” the protestors said.

They considered the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory as an occupation that must be resisted by all possible means, calling for unifying the internal rank and rallying around the Syrian Arab army because it is the only guarantee to preserve the land and stop foreign greed.


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