More displaced Syrians return through Nassib crossing

Daraa, SANA- A new batch of displaced Syrians, coming from Jordan refugee camps, returned on Wednesday via Nassib border crossing to their villages and towns which have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab army.

Head of the Immigration and Passports’ Department at the crossing, Col. Mazen Ghandour told SANA that authorities have provided all facilitations and basic services to ensure the safe return of the displaced on board buses which will transport them along with their children to their villages and towns.

Col. Ghandour added that the number of people who have returned home since the opening of Nassib crossing until today has reached up to 29,148 citizens.

The returnees expressed happiness for returning to their homes, calling on all the displaced people to return to their homeland.

H.. Zain / R. al-Jazaeri


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