Hasaka locals: Syrian Arab army only guarantee to protect us from any aggression

Hasaka, SANA- locals in Hasaka stressed that the Syrian Arab army is the only guarantee to face the expansionist ambitions of the Turkish regime.

SANA reporter met a number of citizens’ in Hasaka city as they affirmed that the illegitimate entry of the Turkish troops to Syria is considered as an occupation and it should be confronted , calling for deploying the Syrian Arab army in the city and over all the Syrian lands to confront the Turkish, Western and US greedy schemes against Syria.

They also expressed rejection of any Turkish aggression against any area in Syria and their readiness to face it by all means, condemning the Turkish regime’s role in supporting the extremist terrorist organizations in Syria.

They called for unifying efforts and standing by the side of the Syrian Arab army to protect their province in the face of the Turkish aggression, indicating that the Turkish regime has facilitated the entrance of terrorist groups into Syria to destabilize the region and spread chaos and instability in.

H. Zain / R. al-Jazaeri


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