QSD militias abduct a number of civilians as protests against their acts continue

Syrian al-Jazeera, SANA-The US-backed separatist QSD militias abducted on Tuesday a number of civilians in Syrian al-Jazeera region while the popular protests that reject the acts of QSD continued.

Civil sources said that QSD militias carried out, during the last hours, a series of storming campaigns in a number of Syrian al-Jazeera region and Aleppo northern countryside.

“They abducted a man and a woman in Manbij and two other civilians near al-Na’em roundabout in Raqqa in addition to abducting several young men in Qamishli to take them to the so-called obligatory recruitment,” the sources added.

Meanwhile, the militias expelled 10 families from their houses in  in Tal Abyad in Raqqa northern countryside to Ayn Issa camp.

In response to the criminal acts of QSD, the popular protests continued in a number of al-Jazeera villages.

The state of chaos in regions where QSD exist caused the killing of 3 citizens in an explosion of a mine planted by unknown persons near the oil well of Omar in Deir Ezzor southern countryside.

Mazen Eyon




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