Nov. 9, the fall of Berlin Wall

1821- 1st US pharmacy college holds 1st classes, Philadelphia.

1918- Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany abdicates power after the defeat of his country in the 1st World War, and Germany was declared a republic.

1935- Japanese forces seize Shanghai city which is one of the most important ports in China and the main economic center.

1953- Cambodia (aka Kampuchea) gains independence from France, within the French Union.

1989- The fall of Berlin Wall .

2004- Firefox 1.0 browser released.

2005- Venus Express (VEX) mission to explore Venus planet launched by the European Space Agency.

1841- Edward VII of England was born.

1970- Former French President Charles de Gaulle passes away.

-Inventors’ Day in Europe.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/ Ghossoun

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