Syrian-Chinese talks on enhancing bilateral relations in all fields

Beijing, SANA – Official talks were held on Tuesday between Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, detailing all aspects of bilateral relations and means for enhancing them in all fields.

The two sides asserted the importance of exchanging visits and increasing coordination on all levels, and they exchanged opinions on developments in Syria and the regions and the efforts to make progress in the political track regarding the crisis in Syria along with fighting all forms terrorism, including the economic terrorism practiced by the US and some of its allies against the Syrian and Chinese people, with both sides expressing matching viewpoints in all issues that were discussed.

Minister al-Moallem reiterated that Syria views relations with China as strategic, and that it wants to elevate them in all fields to achieve true partnership, pointing out to the policy of heading to the east which President Bashar al-Assad proposed and the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the two of which are important frameworks for realizing the desired partnership between Syria and China.

He expressed Syria’s appreciation of China’s vital role in helping Syria confront terrorism and economic sanctions, noting that the war on Syria has taken the form of embargo and economic sanctions along with the use of terrorists, and that this war is part of a bigger war waged by certain states and forces against the states that strive for development, peace, and preserving their independent decision-making.

Al-Moallem reviewed the latest developments in politics and on the ground in Syria, asserting that Syria will continue its war on terrorism until all its territory is liberated, all while exerting monumental efforts to reach a political solution made by the Syrians alone, and to rebuild what was destroyed by terrorism.

He reiterated the invitation for China to contribute to the reconstruction process, as Chinese companies will receive facilitations in this regard.

For his part, Wang Yi welcomed al-Moallem’s visit to China, affirming that his country is open to bolstering relations with Syria, as the friendship between the two countries is historical and traditional, welcoming the policy of heading to the east which Syria had announced and its participation in the Belt and Road Initiative.

He reiterated China’s calls for reaching a political solution for the crisis in Syria based on respecting its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, calling on all states to refrain from interfering in Syria’s internal affairs and from imposing their plans and agendas on the Syrian people.

Wang Yi asserted his country’s rejection of all forms of economic pressure and sanctions used by certain sides against Syria.

He said that China continues to provide full support to Syria in fighting terrorism, and that everyone must show no leniency in this regard as the consequences could be dire.

Wang Yi affirmed his country’s position which considers the Golan to be occupied Syrian territory, and that China rejects any unilateral actions that seek to change this reality.

Hazem Sabbagh

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