“Ruins of Liberation” multimedia site unveils US-led coalition systematic destruction of Raqqa

Damascus, SANA_ With documents and evidences,  Amnesty International refutes, on its new multimedia website named ” Ruins of Liberation”, Washington’s claims on the liberation of Raqqa city from Daesh terrorist organization.

The website reveals the truth about the systematic destruction of the city by the so-called US-led International Coalition which is allegedly fighting Takfiri organization.

It highlights the tragedy that Raqqa city has suffered  and the massacres committed against the civilians where Amnesty International worked  to convey, through photos and eye witnesses, the real images of the tragedy that affected the city and its inhabitants.

The US-led coalition carried out thousands of airstrikes  and indiscriminate bombardment of Raqqa city, paying no heed to the human life or to  international laws. These airstrikes resulted in claiming the lives of hundreds of civilians, the displacement of population and the complete devastation of the city  .

The Amnesty’s new  multimedia storytelling site, through selected photos combined with audio commentary by Amnesty’s Senior Crisis Response Advisor Donatella Rovera on a visit to Raqqa last February,  gives a behind-the-scenes look at its investigations in the bombed-out city.

Donatella Rovera, who has been documenting the human cost of the liberation of Raqqa, gave an intimate description of the reality she exposed, stressing that on the ground in Raqqa, she witnessed a level of destruction not comparable to anything she has seen in decades of covering the impact of war.

” The US-led Coalition’s campaign to oust Daesh from Raqqa was among the most destructive in modern warfare. The offensive , lasting from 6 June to 17 October 2017 and led by US, UK and French forces, killed and injured thousands of residents, and reduced homes, businesses and infrastructure to rubble.” The Amnesty said on its site.

It added: ” Civilians trapped by the fighting were prevented from fleeing by Daesh snipers and mines. Many were killed in their homes by the Coalition’s indiscriminate airstrikes. Despite this, then Coalition commander Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend claimed the offensive had been “the most precise air campaign in history”.

“Two years on, the US-led Coalition must investigate the full scale of civilian casualties it caused, and ensure victims and their families receive full reparation and compensation.” The Amnesty International concluded.



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