Competitions of Ramadaniyat championship for Show Jumping continue

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Competitions of Ramadaniyat Championship for Show Jumping are continuing in Damascus countryside.

The championship is organized by the Equestrian Federation, in cooperation with Bassel Al-Assad Equestrian Club Team, and Spirit Club for different categories.

The equestrian Wassim Zindaqi ranked first in the third round in the category of 90 cm at a time of 15.68 seconds , followed by the equestrians Shorouk al-Masri and Zein Mohanna respectively.

In the category of 100 cm hurdle height contest , Ahamad al-Masri won the first place at a time of 26.87 seconds, while Shorouk al-Masri ranked second at a time of 28.18 seconds followed by Haidara Mreisha with a time of 27.90 seconds.

In the category of 120 cm, equestrian Sham al-Assad came first with a time of 59.57 seconds, equestrian Mou’amen Zindaqi came second with a time of 63.28 seconds and equestrian Said Zindaqi third with a time of 63.40 seconds.

Equestrian Sham al-Assad came second in the category of 130 cm with a time of 60.07 seconds , and equestrian Aya Hamshu came third with a time of 61.37 seconds.

Equestrian Sham al-Assad also ranked first in the category of 140 cm at a time of 63.33 seconds followed by equestrian Mou’amen Zindaqi at a time of 68.05 seconds and equestrian Said Zindaqi at a time of 75.97 seconds.


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