On Martyrs’ Day, the memory of SANA’s martyrs lives on in our hearts

Damascus, SANA – On the 103rd anniversary of Martyr’s Day, the memory of the martyrs from the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) produce mixed feelings of pride in their sacrifices and sadness for losing dear, beloved colleagues who left an indelible imprint in the hearts of those who knew them.

Some of SANA’s martyrs answered the call of duty, falling on the battlefield in defense of Syria, namely Ali Ahmad and Mohammad Nassr, while another, Ali Abbas, was assassinated by terrorists, and others were killed by terrorists’ shells that targeted SANA’s HQ in March 2013, namely Samer al-Masri, Mohammad Khaled Seda, and Mohammad Ibrahim, while others were killed by terrorists gunfire like Riyad al-Masri who was shot while working at Widyan al-Rabi’a station in December 2012.

Ali Abbas, who was assassinated by terrorists in his home in Jdaidet Artouz in August 2012, was an example of professionalism, dedication, and ethics. Now his portrait hangs in the Internal News Department which he headed, and which now bears his name.

Mohammad Nassr, our colleague in the English Bulletin Department, left a void in all of our hearts when he was martyred on August 23rd 2017 while carrying out reserve military service. Prior to being called for reserve service, he had always insisted that he would answer the call immediately, because he believed that defending the homeland is more important than anything else.

Mohammad was a friend and a brother, a loving father and husband, and a giving, caring, and determined person who spread cheer wherever he went. He will remain in our hearts, forever.

Ali Ahmad, another friend and colleague, who worked in the French Bulletin Department, could have postponed joining the reserve service, as he was pursuing a higher studies degree at the time, but he chose to take part in defending Syria from terrorism. A gentle, well-mannered, ever-smiling young man with the soul of a poet, he proved he also had the soul of a hero who was willing to sacrifice his life for his country.

“He was an idealist in his thinking, and had high morals that some would say don’t belong in our time,” Rasha Milhem, our colleague at the English Bulletin Department, said about Ali, recalling something he said to her: “I wish that I would live in a country house and pursue translation… I would also like to die a martyr.”

Hazem Sabbagh

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