“Restart”…short film screened in 2nd day of Youth Cinema and Short Films Festival

Damascus, SANA- Short Film ” Restart” written and directed by Rasha Milhem was screened on Thursday within the 2nd day of the Youth Cinema Support Contest in the sixth edition of the Youth Cinema and Short Films Festival at Damascus-based Opera House.

The film depicts the life of a middle-aged man and woman who experience the harshness of reality from special angles. They stay passive to the incidents surrounding them until they reach the maximum until they raise two dogs and then a crucial change in their lives occurs.

Speaking to SANA, Milhem said that ” I think that the experience itself is a good opportunity by the National Film Organization through studying in the Diploma of Cinema Science and Arts until the moment of screening the film because it provided me with an integrated perception of the film work until it takes its final.”

Milhem pointed out to the importance of studying the above diploma in a way that achieves the integration between the academic and practical study , the philosophy of cinema and film criticism and aesthetics, stressing that the greatest benefit was the opportunity to produce a film by each student, In spite of all the difficulties.


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