Khan Arnaba residents condemn Trump’s Declaration on the occupied Syrian Golan

Quneitra, SANA The residents of Khan Arnaba and the neighboring villages in Quneitra province have condemned, during  a protest in the town’s square on Thursday,  the US President Donald Trump’s declaration about the occupied Syrian Golan.

The participants stressed that the occupied Golan is a Syrian territory  and will return to its homeland, stressing that Trump’s declaration is null and void and is an attack on the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic.

They denounced the policies of the US administration, which pay no heed to the international laws and norms and blatantly violate all UN resolutions related to the occupied Syrian Golan.

Earlier, Trump declared recognizing annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan to the Israeli occupation entity while Syria categorically rejected this declaration, asserting that it violates the international legitimacy and deals a blow to the international community.

Gh.A. Hassoun

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