Syria ranks first at Arab Boxing Championship, Sudan

Khartoum, SANA- Syria’s boxing  team ranked first at the Arab Boxing Championship which wrapped up activities in Sudan on Friday through winning four gold and four silver and one bronze medals.

The gold medals were won by athlete Hussein al-Masri at the competitions of the 49 kg category , boxer Ahmed Ghossoun at the 75 kg category, Alaa Ghossoun at the 56 category and Mohammad Malis at the 91 kg category.

The silver medals were harvested by athlete Ward Ali at the competitions of the 52 kg category, Ali Mohammad at the 56 kg category, Yahia Taha at the competitions of the 81 kg category and Ammar Haidar at the 60 kg category.

Meanwhile the silver medal was won by boxer Ammar Ali at the competitions of the 61 kg category.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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