Achieving three-day “Journey of Triumph”, cyclist al-Ra’e arrives in Damascus

Damascus, SANA_ As he arrived at the Umayyad Square in Damascus on Friday, Cyclist Alaa Al-Ra’e achieved his three-day ” Journey of Triumph ” coming from Tartus to Lattakia, Hama and Homs, passing through Damascus countryside and then to Damascus.

Will and determination accompanied al-Ra’e during his journey despite the cold weather.

” I made this trip in gratitude to the martyrs of Syrian Arab Army and in recognition of their great sacrifices and to send a message to entire world that Syria is the land of love and peace, not as showed by the misleading media outlets,” cyclist al-Ra’e told SANA reporter.

He thanked Russia for its support to Syria in its anti-terrorism war, hoping his next trip on his bicycle would be to Russia.

Coach of Syria’s national cycling team Mohammed Turk said that, since the beginning of the journey, al-Ra’e decided to cut the distance according to the set time and with high performance and that is what has been achieved.

Al-Ra’e had participated in several championships in Lebanon, including the 42 km world marathon, the 30 km summit races and the 22 km snow races.


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