Moscow to exert further diplomatic efforts to push political process in Syria forward

Moscow, SANA_ Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday renewed his country’s determination to exert further diplomatic efforts to push the political process in Syria forward.

“We will continue contribution to peaceful solution of many crises, especially in Syria, the achievement of a well-established settlement based on decisions of the Syrian national dialogue congress held in Sochi about a year ago, the reconstruction of Syria and the creation of conditions for the return of the displaced Syrians ,” Lavrov said in his speech on Diplomats Day.

The Syrian-Syrian National Dialogue Congers,  held in the Russian city of Sochi in late January 2018, affirmed full commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and unity of Syria.

Lavrov stressed Moscow’s rejection of the “language of dictates” that the West is trying to use in its relations with Russia on the international scene.

He said that lessons of history should not be forgotten and all attempts to force Moscow to take its foreign policy decisions under pressure are doomed to failure.

“Russia is a country that defends its national interests in a multipolar world, which does not appeal to the United States and its European allies, but that is the objective logic of the history movement,” Lavrov said reminding of the remarks made by former Russian diplomat Yevgeny Primakov.





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