Bloudan … Charming tourist destination attracting thousands of visitors

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Wearing its white bridal dress of snow, Bloudan town in Damascus Countryside in the weekends receives tens of thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the picturesque scenes at the town which is one of the most important tourist destinations in Syria during winter.

The tourist movement in the area has witnessed a notable activity as the number of visitors increased by five folds in comparison with last summer, Chairman of Bloudan Municipality Eng. Akram Khouri told SANA.

Khouri added that the town receives tens of thousands of visitors on Friday as cars coming from Damascus and other areas queue up at the streets of the town in manifestation of the Syrians’ yearning for life and their interest in the town with its charming winter atmosphere.

He indicated that the municipality has taken all required measures in preparation for winter such as setting a regulatory plan for implementing several projects, on top the project of cleaning up the roads completely and opening the torrents streams and the sewage.

He added that during the snow storm, the municipality and its workers exerted all possible efforts to help the cars and citizens who were stuck in snow and to open the roads within the town regularly to prevent snow accumulation.

Khouri said that there are more than 200 of the security and police personnel to open the roads and to protect the visitors from accidents.

He affirmed that the Municipality seeks to provide all the required services for the locals in the area, in addition to cooperating with the Electricity Company to ensure the safety of power supply.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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