Russian Foreign Ministry: Illegal US presence in Syria is an obstacle to solving crisis

Moscow, SANA-Russian Foreign Ministry reaffirmed on Wednesday that the illegal US presence in Syria is an obstacle to solving the crisis in it.

“From being a factor in the fight against terrorism, the illegal American presence in Syria is becoming a dangerous obstacle to the path to a settlement,” RT website quoted the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying during a news briefing.

She added that work is underway to send a fresh humanitarian aid convoy to al-Rukban Camp, hinging its success on US guarantees.

“For this humanitarian operation to succeed the United States, which has de facto occupied the area around the camp, must give full guarantees of safe access for UN, Red Cross and Syrian Red Crescent workers,” Zakharova added.

The Russian diplomat said that the Russian side insists on conducting an investigation into chemical attacks mounted by terrorists against residential areas in Aleppo city late last month, wounding 107 civilians who displayed suffocation symptoms.

In a different context, Zakharova expected the Committee tasked with discussing the current constitution in Syria to hold a meeting in early 2019 in Geneva.


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