New evidence on smuggling “White Helmets” terrorists from South Syria into Jordan

Amman, SANA-A new evidence on the nature of the so-called organization “White Helmets,” known for its connections to the West and the Israeli occupation entity, was presented by Jordanian Interior Minister before the Parliament (House of Representatives.)

Jordanian Interior Minister Samir Mbeidin stated on Wednesday before the Parliament that in last July, 429 members of the White Helmets and their families were smuggled through Jisr al-Sheikh Hussein road near the occupied lands in coordination with the Israeli occupation entity, according to Jordanian al-Ghad newspaper.

After the end of the White Helmets’ criminal role against the Syrians, Israeli occupation’s Prime Minister revealed on July 22nd that they fulfilled ” a night secret operation” through which they smuggled nearly 800 member of the said organization along with their families from an area in south Syria and moved them into Jordan upon a request by the US and western countries.

Mbeidin added that a special area was provided for the terrorists of the White Helmets and their families in al-Azrak camp, affirming that 377 members of the organization then were settled in the EU countries.






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