Syria, Iran discuss cooperation in media, TV & radio broadcasting

Tehran, SANA- Means and mechanisms to develop technical cooperation between Syria and Iran in the domain of media and TV and radio broadcasting were discussed during a meeting on Tuesday between Director-General of the Radio &TV General Commission Nayef Obaidat and Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Ali Askari .

The two sides exchanged visions and ideas on the cooperation in the technical and engineering domains and the requirements of the radio and TV work.

Obaidat reviewed the difficulties which have faced the Syrian media since the beginning of the aggression on Syria in 2011 such as the attacks launched by armed terrorist groups on radio and TV centers and the systematic destruction which the radio and TV stations went through, in addition to blocking the frequencies from satellites.

He noted that Syrian engineers have been able to overcome these obstacles through finding alternatives in cooperation with friendly states to convey an image about the events which are taking place across Syria, and to defeat major media outlets which participated in shedding the blood of the Syrians.

He underlined the importance of bilateral cooperation and the exchange of expertise between the two sides, in addition to benefiting from the advanced techniques to upgrade the level of media performance.

For his part, Askari called for enhancing all means to provide the required support to the Syrian TV in the domain of qualification, training and the maintenance of equipment to overcome some obstacles facing the digital terrestrial television broadcasting which has been recently launched in Syria through cooperation between Syrian and Iranian technicians.

He called upon the engineering team at the Iranian TV to work on removing these obstacles soonest possible.

Askari noted that holding conferences in domain of media technology is useful to “get acquainted with the experiences of the others and to benefit from them in light of the rapid media progress witnessed all over the world nowadays.”

He hailed the efforts exerted by the honest Syrian media which has lost many of its journalists who sacrificed to convey a true image to the world on the terrorist war waged against Syria.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri


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