Al-Moallem: Syrian government pays great attention to the return of refugees and displaced

Damascus, SANA- Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem on Tuesday received World Food Program (WFP) Executive Director David Beasley and the accompanying delegation.

The two sides discussed the cooperation between the Syrian Arab Republic and the WFP and means to enhance it in a way that would improve the humanitarian situation and meet the basic humanitarian needs of the Syrian citizens who have been affected by the crisis.

Minister al-Moallem reviewed the efforts exerted by the international organizations including the WFP to alleviate the difficult circumstances which the Syrian citizens are suffering from, particularly after the improvement of the security conditions and as the refugees and displaced started to return following the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism in many areas across Syria.

He affirmed that the Syrian government pays great attention to the return of those refugees and displaced, and it exerts great efforts to provide them with a dignified life.

Al-Moallem expressed Syria’s appreciation of the efforts exerted by the WFP in the humanitarian domain, asserting the readiness of the Syrian government to enhance cooperation with the WFP away from any political agendas which some parties are trying to impose.

For his part, Beasley thanked the Syrian government for its cooperation with the WFP and for the efforts it exerts to help the Program deliver humanitarian aid to those who need it.

He called upon the international community to exert more efforts to help the Syrian people who are experiencing difficult situations.

Beasley affirmed that the WFP exerts all possible efforts to raise the level of financing for its activities in Syria, expressing appreciation of the standing relation between Syria and the WFP in the face of the challenges on the ground, as this relation contributes to overcoming the obstacles facing relief and humanitarian work.

Earlier, Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad met Beasley and the accompanying delegation, and Mikdad reviewed the positive strides made in Syria regarding reestablishing control over most of the Syrian territories by the state after liberating them from terrorist organizations.

He underlined the importance of enhancing and continuing cooperation between Syria and the WFP, as well the importance of the humanitarian aid provided by the WFP to Syria.

Mikdad added that the experience of air-dropping humanitarian aid over Raqqa city during the siege which was imposed on it by Daesh (ISIS) terrorists was one of the most important examples of cooperation between the Syrian government and the Program.

The Deputy Minister also pointed out to the negative impact of the sanctions against Syria which violate international law and the UN Charter.

For his part, Beasley said the WFP will work to increase its contribution to aiding farmers in improving their production and providing them with water, in addition to increasing aid provided to people living in villages, including students.

R. Jazaeri / Hazem Sabbagh

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