Artistic exhibition in Damascus echoes high artistic taste of Damascene craftsmen

Damascus, SANA- With a charming artistic touch, Damascene craftsmen specialized in original handicrafts presented distinguished products with a high taste within an exhibition at Damascus-based Abu Rummaneh Cultural Center.

The exhibited wooden pieces narrate the story of creativity in different shapes including tables inlaid with shells and small boxes  which are made of cooper, in addition to mirrors decorated with a royal crown made of wood and mosaic.

Director of the Trade House for Exhibiting Craft Products  Khalid Fayyad said that the goal behind the exhibition is to shed light on the wooden Damascene handicrafts which embrace the all the types of the shells industry and the engraving handicraft, as well as the mosaic and the wooden lanterns.

The exhibition is a part of a series of exhibitions that will be held over the coming days at different cultural centers in Damascus with the goal of focusing on each type of  handicrafts and to deliver an image about the creativity of Syrian artists.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri/

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