Al-Sayyed: Syria will defeat terrorism, foil US and Zionist schemes in region

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Islamic Endowments (Awqaf) Dr. Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed stressed that Syria has been the cradle for all the Muslim and Christian Arabs and that it embodies the national unity and it has been able to defeat terrorism and to foil the US and Zionist schemes in the region.

Al-Sayyed’s remarks came during a meeting with a delegation of the scholars of the Druze sect from the Palestinians territories and Lebanon at the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus.

Minister al-Sayyed affirmed that Syria unifies and doesn’t separate and it protects the national and pan-Arab principled stances as it says no to the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian territories and to the US hegemony and it will defeat terrorism.

Sheikh al-Aql of the Druze sect in Lebanon Nasr Eddin al-Gharib indicated that the visit to Syria comes to congratulate it on the victory over terrorism and to offer condolences on the martyrs who were killed at the hands of terrorists.

Al-Gharib  affirmed that Syria has remained steadfast over seven years and today it is celebrating victory, wishing that every inch of Syria will be liberated from terrorism thanks to the efforts of the heroic Syrian Arab Army and the wise Syrian leadership and the cooperation with its allies.

For his part, head of the delegation which came from Palestine Sheikh Kamal Zaidan said that the visit of the delegation aims at sharing happiness with Syria on achieving victory over terrorism and offering condolences on the martyrs.

In a relevant context, the delegation of the scholars of the Druze sect from the Palestinians territories and Lebanon visited the villages of Harfa in Damascus countryside and Hadar in Quneitra.

During the visit, members of the delegation affirmed their standing by Syria in its war against terrorism.

Head of the Lebanese Democratic Party Talal Arslan hailed the steadfastness of the Syrian people in the Occupied Syrian Golan and their standing in the face of the hostile practices by the Zionist entity, and he hailed the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism.

Locals of Harfa and Hadar villages appreciated the national stances of the Palestinian and Lebanese people and of the people of occupied Syrian Golan who have stood by Syria in its war against international terrorism.

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