Army restores Hatil Dam in Sweida, kills scores of terrorists in Hama

Provinces, SANA-Units of Syrian Arab Army killed scores of terrorists during the military operations carried out in the northern countryside of Hama.

SANA’s reporter said that units of the Syrian Arab Army working in the northern countryside of Hama continued their operations in targeting the movements of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization on several directions in the northern countryside adjacent to the southern countryside of Idleb province.

The reporter added that army units carried out missile raids against terrorist groups belonging to the so-called “Ezza Brigade” while fortifying the agricultural lands in Hisraya town in the northern countryside of Hama.

The army also destroyed one of terrorists’ main sites on the outskirts of al-Latamina town, directing artillery’s raids and killing scores of terrorists who were inside.


Army units, in cooperating with allied forces, established control over Hatil Dam which is one of Daesh (ISIS) most important sources of water in the depth of the eastern desert.

SANA’s reporter said army units, backed by allied forces, continued their military operations against Daesh remnants positioned in Toloul al-Safa in the depth of the desert and retook control over Hatil Dam, about 30 km to the east of Um Marzakh.

During the military operations, Daesh suffered massive losses upon its ranks and equipment and tightened noose on the remaining terrorists in the hard rocky cliffs and cut off their supply sources.

The reporter added that army also enhanced its deployment on the direction of Qabar al-Sheikh Hussein after restoring control over more areas in the area after targeting Daesh with appropriate weapons, destroying a number of dens and sites in parallel with encircling terrorists in the area surrounding Toloul al-Safa and thwarting any attempts of infiltration and escaping.

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