Syrian Sunday in France.. reflects Syria’s civilization and social coexistence

Paris, SANA – Members of the Syrian community in France on Sunday held an activity with the aim of highlighting Syria’s civilizations and its glorious history.

“The Syrian Sunday” event is meant to brief the French public opinion on the facts and incidents and on the reality of what is going on in the country and a western-backed terrorism Syria has been facing.

It is also aimed at expressing appreciation over the Syrian people’s resilience and the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army in confronting the global war waged against it for about four years.

A documentary highlighting the most splendid tourist and archaeological sites in Syria was screened at the opening of the event, as the French people were invited to visit Syria so that they could get acquainted with its culture and people.

The Syrian children in France also voiced their love for their homeland through paintings, expressing that Syria is living in the bottom of their hearts.

Dishes from the Syrian cuisine was also presented at the event during a Syrian food activity, which reflects another cultural feature of the country .

Nora Obeid, a Syrian citizen living in France said that members of the Syrian community in France have made a wonderful Syrian day calling it “the Syrian Sunday”, adding ” gathering around one table, we want to prove to the world that we are one family.”

Mary Therese Haddad, also a Syrian residing in France, wished that “Syria would get rid of all the terrorist groups so that the Syrians become sovereign on their land,” hoping that Syrian Arab Army would beat the criminal groups and the international terrorism.

Dr. Bassel Ibrahim said that the aim of this event is to emphasize the solidarity among the Syrians whether they are inside the country or abroad, adding “We gather here to tell the French that Syria is facing a big conspiracy and a universal war led by the USA, Gulf and European governments and Turkey.”

H. Zain/ R. Milhem/ Ghossoun

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