Families of Russian Martyrs visit Syria, affirm joint war against terrorism

Damascus, SANA-  A number of families of Russian military personnel, who were martyred in Syria, are on a current visit to Syria at the invitation of the Syrian leadership.

Five families of Russian martyrs, who arrived in Damascus on Monday, visited the Ummayad Mosque accompanied by five families of Syrian martyrs, who sacrificed their lives to protect Syria from terrorism.

They made a tour there to know about Syria’s history, civilization and the peace it has exported to the entire world.

“Nikolai Filipov”, father of Russian martyr Roman Filipov, who was martyred  in Idleb countryside, said while touring the Ummayad Mosque, “my son sacrificed his life for peace and stability to prevail in Syria. Russia has supported the Syrians and cooperated with them in fighting terrorism, so the blood of the Russian martyrs was mixed with that of the Syrian martyrs.”

Filipov pointed out that he was introduced to a number of Syrian martyrs’ families, hoping that contacts will continue between the martyrs’ families of both countries as to support each other.

“Gilina Peshkova”, the wife of Russian martyr Oleg Peshkov, said “Syria’s soil is now containing the blood of Russian heroes who sacrificed themselves to eradicate terrorism, so Syria means a lot for us and we shouldn’t forget the heroism of the martyrs who fought to help the Syrian children live in peace.”

Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, who had a meeting with the Russian martyrs’ families, said that the families’ visit to Syria is a message to the entire world that Russia came to Syria to stand by the rightness represented by the Syrian state which has been fighting terrorism and darkness in defense of the entire world.


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