55 buses transporting hundreds of terrorists and their families leave Quneitra countryside and head to the north of Syria

Quneitra, SANA – The first batch of terrorists who rejected settlement were transported from Quneitra countryside along with the families to the north of Syria on Friday evening, in a step towards announcing Quneitra province free of terrorism.

SANA’s correspondent at Jaba crossing point said that 55 buses headed to the north of Syria on Friday evening, leaving via Jaba crossing from Um Batina village where the terrorists from the villages and towns of Quneitra countryside who reject settlement had gathered earlier.

The correspondent said that the buses were searched carefully to ensure that the terrorists do not take anyone who doesn’t want to leave with them by force.

The evacuation of the remaining terrorists and their families is due to be continued on Saturday, while those who wish to remain will have their legal status settled, the reporter added.

This process is part of the agreement reached on Thursday, which stipulates for the return of the Syrian Arab Army to the positions it was stationed in prior to 2011, and for the terrorists who reject the settlement to leave to Idleb, in addition to resolving the legal status of those who wish to remain.

Earlier in the day, the correspondent said that Syrian Arab Army units entered on Friday morning to Ayn al-Tina and Qarqas villages in the countryside of Quneitra after terrorists exited them.

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