Actor Rafik Sbai’ye honored by the Syrian Social Nationalist Party

Damascus, SANA – The Syrian Social Nationalist Party honored actor Rafik Sbai’ye on Friday, presenting him with the Medal of Friendship during a ceremony held at the Lawyers Syndicate hall in Damascus.

The medal was presented to the actor by head of the Party’s central politburo Ali Qansou on behalf of the Party’ Secretary General Asaad Hardan.

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Participants in the event praised Sbai’ye and his long career, saying that he is a great artist who gave a lot both through art and through his patriotic stances and his commitment to Syria.

Sbai’ye was born in Damascus in 1930, and began his acting career in 1953 by portraying the character Abu Sayyah, a career which spanned theater, television, cinema, and even music.

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